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Susan Schuurmans 




Susan Schuurmans

I am an intuitive Astrologer and Tarotist, a Thinking Partner and Thinking Partnership Teacher, and a Spiritual Companion who has pursued a lifelong interest in the journey of transformation and inner healing each of us are invited to explore.

My consultations are informed by my deep knowledge of the metaphysical traditions, my Time To Think accreditation, my study of Integral theory and the transformational perspectives of depth astrology, tarot, archetypes, symbology and mysticism. 

All my sessions help you to lead a life in integrity - one in which body, mind, heart and soul are united.

No matter what type of session you choose to book with me I hold an unconditional presence for your journey, accompany you as that journey unfolds, give counsel when invited to, and encourage you through all the turns and twists of this magical journey. Enjoy my heart centered approach and bask in the warmth of my interest in you.

I enjoy an international client base and consult with people all over the world and from all walks of life

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Soul Care is the art of companioning another for a period of time on a journey impossible to accomplish alone. This journey is entered into when an occurrence happens in your life that feels like a crisis, but something within you knows there is a deeper dimension to what you are feeling or experiencing.

In a space drenched with respect, care, quiet, attentive listening and exquisitely crafted questions, we enter into a conversation to excavate your essence, your authentic self. We allow your heart to be heard and for you to experience the privilege of truly being seen by another. In this dialogue we allow excessive busyness to fall away and rigid old identities and stories to dissolve. We invite the not quite seen which is flirting on the horizon to engage us and gift us with the courage to enter the unknowing of what is to come. As we witness and listen together, we invite the light of life to infuse what is about to be born. Our journey together is a springboard to a deeper self-knowledge and personal authenticity, bringing meaning and coherence to your life.

Personal Sessions
There are many reasons that bring us into a journey of soul companioning. Oftentimes it is the great passageways of life that rip a whole part of our life away and bring us to look for companionship and guidance. The loss experienced when a marriage ends, from being in a relationship to venturing out as a single again, a business is sold, a loved person dies, we retire, or our health falters, may begin the journey. Sometimes we get stuck and cannot move on, from student to working adult, from young mother back to working life, to not being able to finish a project or thesis. These issues in some way do not allow the seasons and tides of our life to turn, requiring a steady patient companion to wait and witness with us until we have the courage to allow life to transform us.   We start with the foundational Life Reading in the first session and continue with two or more sessions shaped around you. 


Life Reading is UDS 85.00 ZAR 720.00 an hour locally.

Follow up sessions are  USD 42.00 per hour internationally - ZAR 360.0.0 an hour locally.



Relationship Sessions
Honouring the integrity of each person or entity, we explore the meaning of the bond between them - the emotional needs and dynamics -  how they communicate, underlying and often unspoken expectations and the potential for shared growth. We listen together to the third body of the relationship and how to work with its light and presence, allowing real communication that opens the relationship to the flow of life, love and commitment. These sessions are for all kinds of relationships; intimate, marriage, business, friends, parents, children and companions animals. 

Spiritual Direction
In a sacred, empty yet dynamic space, we enter a dialogue of exploring your longing for the Divine and how you are being invited to enter and live that relationship with the Beloved. I work with clients of all faiths and traditions, or of no tradition at all, in sessions that require a commitment to conversations around inspiration, inquiry, dream work, shadow work, contemplation, practice, silence, prayer, meditation and witnessing. An honesty, that can be challenging, will enter your life as integrity and congruence begin to form. My own personal practice and love of Christian and Sufi mysticism will enrich our dialogue.


I absolutely LOVE offering Thinking Sessions and can't wait to share them with YOU!!!

I offer the rare experience of listening to you think within the quiet presence of my complete and generative attention, respect and ease. As your Thinking Partner, I create an environment in which you can think for yourself and move from what limits you to what liberates you  Transformative listening is nearly a work of art. It comes from genuine interest in where the thinker will go next in their thinking combined with questions designed to help catalyse your thinking. 

Who would enjoy a Thinking session?

Anyone! Anyone who wants time to think about any issue they are facing whether as simple as "what color should I paint my garden pots?" to something as complex as "what is the most powerful thing I can do today for my company?" If you are having trouble making a choice or a decision, it is often because there is something blocking you from doing so. This work follows the mind's natural tendency to want to remove blocks so you can move into action and empowers you to think about what you want for yourself.

Perhaps the most powerful use of the thinking session is to commit to a regular practice. This can be at a regularity to suit you. My clients are all very different, from the sole entrepreneur who finds a daily thinking session a necessity, to the CEO who uses his weekly session to think through company challenges, and the mother who would not miss her monthly session for all the world as she says it keeps her sane or the client who books a session when he feels his thinking clogging up. This is about you so you drive the number of sessions and the content.

In a Thinking Environment and with me as your Thinking Partner, you will:

Be held with Attention, Ease, Appreciation and Equality as a Thinker. 
Think for yourself without interruption.
Learn to think deeply and rigorously.  
Be listened to with deep, generative attention and know that everything you think and say matters.  
Find answers to questions in your own words and through your own thinking.
Experience the power of silence.  
Become more aware of yourself through your own thinking. 
Clarify and work on a goal or issue and what is standing in the way of achieving that goal.
Uncover limiting assumptions and transform them into liberating ones.
Be inspired to act.
Experience a more expansive, creative, empowered and joy-filled life.

Treat yourself to a Thinking Session.

My affordable pricing allows you to book a session anytime you fancy one!

Sessions are one hour long and are held on Zoom or Skype to clients globally.

Confidentiality is ensured.

International clients (Australia, Britain, Europe, United States and Singapore) USD 42.00 per session . 

Africa (South Africa, Botswana, Nigeria)  ZAR 360.00 per session.  

 I am accredited Time To Think Thinking Partnership Teacher listed on the professionals register on the Time To Think website.

As a Thinking Partnership teacher I am available to teach the Thinking Partnership programme. Please contact me to schedule dates and a quote for the programme fee should you and two others be interested in learning to become a Thinking Partner.


When Last Were You Able to Speak Honestly About Your Experience of Illness?

There are times when you are ill that you long for an opportunity to speak honestly and frankly of the experience to someone who really listens and hears you , whether you speak of the pain, suffering, frustration and despair of illness or the unexpected laughter that surprises and the instances of gratitude of still being alive. In our session I listen to you with a deep attention in a respectful, compassionate space that does not rush to fix or rescue or offer advice, but asks you what you would like to say, think or feel, with no agenda or conditions. In this gentle place there is total freedom to speak of any aspect of your illness, the dark and the light, the hopes and fears, the sheer hard work of living with an illness and disability. Speaking to someone who has personal experience of a long-time illness and who can bear to hear all that you say offers you the gift of reflection, allows the possibility of perspective to come back and invites the courage, the heart, the wholeheartedness required to live with your illness 

"When I ask you to listen and you start giving advice, you have not done what I have asked. 
When I ask you to listen and you start telling me why I shouldn't feel the way I do, you are invalidating my feelings. 
When I ask you to listen and you start trying to solve my problems, I feel underestimated and disempowered. 
When I ask you to listen and you start telling me what I need to do, I feel offended, pressured and controlled. 
When I ask you to listen, it does not mean I am helpless. I may be faltering, depressed or discouraged, but I am not helpless. 

But when you accept the way I feel, then I don't need to spend time and energy trying to defend myself or convince you, and I can focus on figuring out why I feel the way I feel and what to do about it. And when I do that, I don't need advice, just support, trust and encouragement “ Mark Brady

I have lived with Multiple Sclerosis for 30 years and am deeply skilled in the traditions and modalities of silence and listening. I also bring to these sessions my learning that the experience of illness can be a growth path with profound lessons.

The hour long Compassionate Listening Session is offered one to one by Zoom or Skype. Fee  is USD 40.00 for international clients and ZAR 350.00 for South African clients.


I want to know, have you ever seen the rain?
I want to know, have you ever seen the rain
Comin' down on a sunny day?

In Africa where I live, rain is seen as a blessing, a shower of praise falling on the earth. I am humbled daily by the clients I work with as it is an honour witnessing their journeys. I quote below what people say about their time with me - my showers of blessing rain from around the world.. 

Rain in Cape Town's Deep South

Rain in Cape Town's Deep South

"Susan thank you for enriching our lives! Your words, insights and guidance are always present in our collective....."    Australia


"I want to tell you how blessed I feel to have had the opportunity to share this time with you and most of all to have received your most precious gifts." South Africa

"Thank you for the reading you hit so many nails on the head for me." South Africa

" I wanted to write to say a deep and heartfelt thank you for your generosity of spirit and insight.  I knew at the time we were having a big session. Thank you.  You are an incredible human being.  You amaze me."  Australia


"Thank you Susan…sheer joy to work with you!"  USA


"And thanks again, Susan, I have been reflecting on what we talked about. I'm opening a quiet space inside me to allow the more balanced and wisest of answers to emerge."  Europe

"Thanks again Susan for your support and the very helpful and encouraging session." South Africa

"It was such a pleasure to spend time with you.  I found the whole experience invaluable and had one very big insight."  Australia


"Thank you so very much. S.... was very right — you are wonderful. I l.ook forward to listening, reviewing, meditating.  I hope when I step into my next phase I can be as helpful to others as you were to me."  USA


Masai Mara lions in the rain

Masai Mara lions in the rain



"I found the whole session so amazingly helpful and just fascinating."  UK 


"Thank you from the 4 stable corners of my heart! I will be in touch again but right now that is all I can say. You have a gift that is so beautiful and precious"  UK


I received this illustration (left) entitled The stem expanded from a client as her response to our session together.  Australia


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Terms and Conditions

Sessions are held with clients globally in my private online meeting room in Zoom. Or if you prefer by Skype.

Please ensure your camera works!

Payment by EFT in South Africa or by PayPal internationally at time of scheduling the booking. Immediate payment on receipt of invoice. Sessions only deemed as confirmed on receipt of payment.

I do not open the gate to interpretation and preparation until payment is received. In this way I do not have data dancing in my head and no-one to share it with!

From a place of respect I ask that you provide at least 24 hours notice should you need to reschedule the appointment.

Cancellation Policy: 

No fees are refundable once the session is scheduled or in the case of a no-show.


I do consider kindness scholarships for anyone in financial difficulties. Price is then dependent on income and circumstances. 


All sessions held in person or virtually are recorded with a link to download the MP3 audio from DropBox. Please note that recordings are provided to clients as a courtesy and are not part of the consultation fee. Clients acknowledge that I am not responsible for a possible inability to provide a recording due to equipment failure or any other reason. The recording will only be available to download for three weeks as thereafter it is deleted.

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Autumn Butterfly painting by Nicky Campbell. Photographs credits Adriaan Norman and Greg Pullen. All rights reserved. 

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