Life is the flower for which love is the honey

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I am very moved by my daughter’s beautiful and inspiring painting which she has called Sting of betrayal. It reflects her experience of living with excruciatingly painful cluster headaches, one of the most painful conditions known to mankind.  The bees at the eye and the mouth, the sting of impossible pain in the eye, the sting at the mouth being silenced and brought to halt by the illness together with the expressive eyes of the girl hurts my heart.
But there is another level of the painting that I itch to interpret and share with you. These interpretations are of course mine and may not be shared by my daughter although she will be reading these thoughts of mine. The warm yellow and brown colours, the bees and the honeycomb provoke thoughts of healing. Throughout time bees and honey have been used for their healing properties, bee sting therapy is an alternative therapy modality, honey has antiseptic and antibacterial properties used to this day in the healing of wounds and propolis from the honeycomb eases and heals the skin. This suggests exploring avenues of healing and ways to manage and be with the pain.  Of course astrology is a healing tool too.  I am not a medical astrologer but my experience has taught me that the birth chart is a matrix of possibilities and potentials that can be a powerful tool in exploring yourself and your illness. Right now Jupiter, the planet of wisdom and education, has moved into Sagittarius, a sign that shapes how we see the world, how we make meaning. So this may be an ideal time to explore the potential to lift yourself from the sting of betrayal, from the feeling of fear and desolation, away from feeling a victim of the illness to managing the symptoms, exploring and researching the best treatments, to learning to “see” yourself and your reactions when ill and in pain, and how best to nurture yourself.

The eyes in the painting call my attention and I find it fascinating that I come from a family where a person in each generation has suffered with a painful condition that effects an eye. My father with trigeminal neuralgia, myself with optic neuritis, a symptom of multiple sclerosis,  and my daughter with cluster headaches. Patterns can be found when looking at the charts of families and in our case I am wondering what we are meant to “see”.

Bees are also a symbol of wisdom and sweetness and create the gold of honey. Many spiritual traditions use the bee and honey to express the deep wisdom of love and connection. In the Sufi poet Rumi's words “Your soul has become an invisible bee. We don't see it working, but there's the full honeycomb!” The experience of being ground down by pain and living with uncomfortable symptoms humbles one. We start to notice the baboon holding a baby to it's bosom with a withered limb, the rosebush that has battled the drought yet manages to open one deep red rose, the evening tide that still rolls onto the beach no matter how polluted the waters have become. We begin to understand that Illness is part of the human condition and, wider than that, of all of life. The mystery of that acceptance allows us to see the web of life and love of which we are all part of. As Victor Hugo tells us “Life is the flower for which love is the honey.”

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A huge thank you to my wonderfully talented daughter, Nicky Campbell, for allowing me to use her work in this posting. I love you to the moon and back!

Image Credits:

Sting of betrayal  by Nicky Campbell  2018 Watercolour on A3 cold press

Hope by Nicky Campbell 2015 Watercolour

“Hope” is the thing with feathers -That perches in the soul -And sings the tune without the words -And never stops - at all -Emily Dickinson

“Hope” is the thing with feathers -That perches in the soul -And sings the tune without the words -And never stops - at all -Emily Dickinson

Venus turns retrograde in Scorpio - Relationships are crucial right now.

Image Credit: Bed of Roses by Victor Nizovtsev

Image Credit: Bed of Roses by Victor Nizovtsev

Venus has turned retrograde in Scorpio (October 5th to November 16th) and we have begun our 40 day journey into the underworld, the dark places in our psyche, as the planet of love and relating dives deep into Scorpio’s emotional waters. It’s a time of reflection, an opportunity to assess what we love and what we value. Relationships are crucial right now. We need to investigate deeply how we negotiate, accommodate, understand, and relate to one another. How do we treat and respect each other?

Scorpio, a sign that is about passion, sexuality and power, the emotional underpinnings that motivate us, the drama we can fill our relationships with. So we are looking at the deeper or hidden side of relationships right now. This is a journey of looking at how we negotiate intimacy, how we are cherished, and who we cherish. A broken heart is a heart that is soft and open to those we love and the journey to that greater loving heart means looking at the power and toxicity in our relationships, and to heal, transform or find the courage to release partnerships that are not working. Are we rising to the challenge of moving from co-dependant to interdependent that these times call for?

This is also a passage where Venus becomes a warrior exposing secrets and collusion around sexual and gender politics and we have seen this vividly in the news as the feminine power within us all challenges the patriarchal rigidity and blindness in our society. This is a time to re-asses our core values to become wider and more inclusive.

When I see photos or a documentary such as 
Earthrise of the earth from space I am reminded so strongly that our home is so beautiful, so small, and home to us all. Our relationships to each other and to life around us are vital as our societal values are written into law. Perhaps this retrograde could nudge a move to a change of heart and a healthier relationship to the feminine and the earth.


DESTINY is a verb!

There comes a time when each of us is faced with the fact that DESTINY is a verb, not a noun - a journey, not a destination.-Robert Ohotto

I so agree with Robert. We may have been born with a certain fate as regards the colour of our eyes, the country our parents live in, what century it is and indeed what constellations are in our birth chart but how we shape that raw material into the sails of destiny is what our life's work is. My Transformational Guidance sessions are all about finding that verb of destiny.

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Go now and do the heart-work on the images imprisoned within you.


One of my comments last month was that astrologically the signs indicated we were all in for one hell of a ride. This has certainly been true for me and my large family as uncomfortable secrets have been revealed, old hurts exposed, the younger generation calling out the older, and family traditions being questioned.

As intense and uncomfortable all this is, if we can face into the hard truths and call ourselves into integrity and the responsibility that requires we change our choices, we can shine our torches into the dark corners of our psyches where greed, passions, ignorance, intolerance, collusion, and disrespect for the other lie, and clear it all out,. This is the work of the eyes, and work that both on the personal and the collective we are all being called to do right now.

Only once the work of the eyes is done is the passage to the heart clear and we can begin the heart-work. This too is hard work. But it is work infused with wonder and awe as you find the images imprisoned in your heart and the way, appropriate only to you, that will allow those images to dance in your life bringing a thread of love, tenderness and truth to your life no matter the chaos of the world around you.

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Much love


It is a time of discrimination and choice.

Right now is a dizzy rush of events both here on earth and cosmologically in the skies. Amongst the many interesting astrological constellations is that from August 7th to 19th six planets (Mercury, Mars, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto) will be retrograde all at the same time. A planet is said to be retrograde when it appears to move backwards through the sky. Having these six planets all reversing at once is extraordinary — and it offers an unusual opportunity to revisit areas of your life. We will each get a chance to investigate the areas they rule. At the same time there will be three eclipses back-to-back beginning mid-July and ending mid-August. Eclipses are associated with change and the word ‘eclipse’ means to block out the light, to obscure. So it is a time of exploring the darker areas in your psyche and working to bring them into the light.

From Ghana the Akan word of Sankofa means We must go back and reclaim our past so we can move forward, so we can understand why and how we came to be who we are.  We could use this time to apply the concept of Sankofa. On a global scale the talk by Barack Obama at the Nelson Mandela lecture in Johannesburg beautifully explored a wide sweep of our global past, saying that we, the human race, are on the edge of answering an important question as to what future we choose and reminded us of the importance of choosing love.  As it is in the macro, so it is in the micro. These astrological movements are suggesting in the words of Mark Nepo that the work of repairing the world is endless and beautiful. And since we are the world, we are here to repair ourselves.

This is gonna be one hell of a ride!.. as one well known astrologer has commented. But we can ease the ride for ourselves by knowing what to let go of and what to keep, what must die and what could be born if we gave it enough care. It is a time of discrimination and allowing ourselves a proper exploration of the areas where these planets fall in our charts so we plot a course to our true north no matter the chaos around us.  Antoine de Saint-Exupery says in one of my favourite quotes “It is only with the heart that one can see rightly; what is essential is invisible to the eye.’’Knowledge of ourselves allows us to begin to see with the heart.

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May you experience each of your days as a blessing.

Much love



A possibility of a greater appreciation and enlightenment around our earth.

These beautiful photographs were taken in the mountains the morning after the first rains of the season by my friend Judith, an intrepid hiker. She sent them to me so I could share in the magic of the water pouring off the mountains, a real treat for the earth after a dry summer of drought.

Uranus has just moved into Taurus for a seven year period and one of the possibilities for this period is that a new force in our very earth awakens. Something wild, disruptive and exciting requiring we change our relationship to nature and the environment.

Judith's photographs show earth welcoming water, shaping itself to receive this gift that falls from the skies. But notice how it is the light that falls into love with the water flowing through rock basins, stream tickling the tree roots, turning tree bark into an incandescent blue light show and illuminating a flower into an orange flame dancing with the raindrops.

The eye that took the photographs is part of this love fest. To me this relationship of water to earth, light to the wonders of the earth, and the human who is there in relationship so experiencing this glory, is the possibility, the hope, the light that Uranus in Taurus is offering. A new ecological perspective with a greater appreciation and enlightenment around our earth, a perspective that understands that all is alive and filled with light and love.

Many thanks to Judith Hapgood for her photographs and allowing me to share them with you!

Being empowered is making the optimal choices in the present weather storms of life.

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Dancing in this shared field called LIFE!

"Listen to your life. See it for the fathomless mystery it is. In the boredom and pain of it, no less than in the excitement and gladness: touch, taste, smell your way to the holy and hidden heart of it, because in the last analysis all moments are key moments, and life itself is grace."
- Frederick Buechner
I love this quote. It was on my mind as I visited the vast wetland estuary that is Velddrift earlier this month. Each day I waited at dawn for the fog to lift and listened to the eerie cries of birds, then as the sun burnt off the now wispy strands of mist so the vast landscape of river, sky, reedy banks, and self-satisfied looking pelicans came into view for me to touch and taste the shared field of life until I too was dancing with the delicate dancing figures of pink-hued flamingos rising up off the water to circle around and then settle down again.

I am becoming ever more aware of the shared field of listening that arises when in a consultation with a client. In that field patterns, archetypes and images emerge, fresh concepts, possibilities and ideas are discovered, and in this wildly alive space, new wording and vision is found. It is one of the joys of continual learning that I feel honoured to be invited to share with my clients. The thrill of the NOW moment of exploring the aliveness of being human! New awareness and potentials are sparked as we experience that mysterious field together!

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What are the Golden Threads of Your Life?


I recently listened to a talk where the speaker reflected on his life by means of distinguishing the meaningful threads that have run through it.  I was struck by this and the thought of identifying these major threads that run through the fabric of our own lives so we can touch and grow these golden threads to imbue each day with love and meaning.
When excavating the golden threads in my life I found some surprises as well as confirmation in what I have always intuited. My love of cats, although appearing to be a small liking, is a continuous living thread from an early childhood living with a cattery of breeding cats to the way my heart lifts when KitKat, the neighbour’s black and white cat, comes to visit.

My love for my family of origin, originally a nuclear family of four, now grown to a tribe, particularly expressed in a loving connection to my daughter and grandchildren, is a deeply nourishing thread. My relationship with my husband is a numinous thread of its own that glistens and gleams with love, companionship and adventure.

I have always been happy anywhere as long as I can see the sky. My connection to the earth is deeply felt in this thread, as I have watched the many moods of the sky through windows all over Africa as I lay in bed, the scudding clouds, the endless blue, the dark grey storm sky.

I am a bibliophile, have been since birth! This thread is many hued as it covers my love of reading, of knowledge, of wisdom in the many symbolic languages, my delight in writing, oh how I could go on!

Lastly is a thread that grows ever in its richness and depth, and that is my love of the Ultimate Mystery, of the path I follow in that continuous journey in and to the Beloved.

Of course, the threads could be discerned in other languages such as your archetypes and how you express through them, the planets and signs in your birth chart, the cards in a reading, a medical examination of your body, even by looking at the photos you have chosen to display in your family albums. Each gives a lens through which to see yourself. The astrotarot readings I do is a delightful way to pick up those threads too.

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