A Submersion into Deep Time

In a recent conversation a friend said she felt the traditional liturgies have been lost, and musing on this I realised how we, as a culture, have so little connection to deep time. The church liturgy with its procession of feast days throughout the year, rich with colours and symbolism, has been replaced by the liturgy of the mall, commercialism now marking a frantic, tinny time with a marketed whizz of Xmas, Easter, Mothering Sunday, aisles often displaying the tawdry remnants of Xmas alongside the new Easter products, sometimes months before the actual celebration of the Easter weekend.

We no longer respectfully greet each season with its accompanying rituals of food and community, but complain if it rains or is cold as we demand constant perfect warm weather whilst eating seasonal foods all year around, all this with the accompanying loss of connection to the great weather cycle. Our loss of deep time is worsened by our addiction to light, so we now no longer see the stars at night, the starry band of the Milky Way, no longer humbled by the great clock of the Cosmos wheeling above us.

When we stop, whether to spend time exploring the great symbolic languages of archetypes, astrology, tarot, mysticism, or to set aside a time to pray, mediate, be mindful of every breath, or by stepping outside to experience the earth just as she is today with whales breeching through the rough wintry seas, it is to to fall in love and wonder at the miracles of creation. When we stop, slow down, we disengage with the accelerated, flat, superficial time of our culture, and reconnect to deep time, heart time, soul time.

Join me in a submersion in deep time with either an AstroTarot consultation, a touch-in tarot reading or a nurturing soul companion session.  Email me at sschuurmans@gmail.com for an appointment and fee schedule.