Healing Dreams from the Land of Nod

  My very busy start to the year was followed by a stretch of nasty bouts of sloshy colds and painfully tight chesty flu which showed no signs of easing. Inspired by reading the books by Kat Duff' "The Secret Life of Sleep" and Arianna Huffington "The Sleep Revolution" I decided to experiment with sleep and rest to see if this would help me to heal.

  Abandoning a lifetime of strict bedtime regimes, I now go to sleep when I feel sleepy and allow my body to awaken when it wants to. To my surprise I find myself going to sleep earlier in the evening, and even allowing for a natural wake up, sleeping most nights an hour longer. 

I awoke this morning in the gold light tuning this way and that thinking for a moment it was one day like any other. But the veil had gone from my darkened heart...
— David Whyte

  Giving in to the rhymes of my own body at night slid into following the great cycle of nature I watch from my bedroom window. I contemplate the deep liquid gold of dawn before hitting any electronic device, finish the day's work with plenty of time to sit and muse as the chalky pastel hues of blue, grey and lavender slowly fade from the bay and mountains, and the last feathery spumes of the lolling whales disappear into the grey and then inky black night sparked with the lights of the fishing boats going out on the tide. 

  This slow immersion into the balance of my own nature has lifted that veil of small infections brought on by busyness and left me in love with the great wheel of nature.