Susan's Musebit

We all know the picture of the woman that can look either very young or very old depending on how we look at the illustration. I had a real life experience of this truth whilst exploring my home town one Saturday morning. I walked down a dark alley as I wanted to explore the origin of a mystery noise. When the alley opened into a dirty little courtyard I turned back and saw silhouetted against the light the shadow of a strangely shaped man gesturing wildly at me.

At first I felt quite frightened, but as there was no way out except past this figure, I stepped briskly towards him. As I got closer the shape became ever more familiar until I recognised a handicapped street trader who I had become very fond when living in Kommetjie but had since lost touch with him. He was following me and waving with excitement at seeing me!

After our happy reunion I went on my way musing as to how my world is made up of what I allow my mind to think, and sadly how often that is fear. And yet my heart knew differently, giving me the courage to step forward into the wonderful experience of meeting up with someone whose well-being I had often wondered about.