What are the Golden Threads of Your Life?


I recently listened to a talk where the speaker reflected on his life by means of distinguishing the meaningful threads that have run through it.  I was struck by this and the thought of identifying these major threads that run through the fabric of our own lives so we can touch and grow these golden threads to imbue each day with love and meaning.
When excavating the golden threads in my life I found some surprises as well as confirmation in what I have always intuited. My love of cats, although appearing to be a small liking, is a continuous living thread from an early childhood living with a cattery of breeding cats to the way my heart lifts when KitKat, the neighbour’s black and white cat, comes to visit.

My love for my family of origin, originally a nuclear family of four, now grown to a tribe, particularly expressed in a loving connection to my daughter and grandchildren, is a deeply nourishing thread. My relationship with my husband is a numinous thread of its own that glistens and gleams with love, companionship and adventure.

I have always been happy anywhere as long as I can see the sky. My connection to the earth is deeply felt in this thread, as I have watched the many moods of the sky through windows all over Africa as I lay in bed, the scudding clouds, the endless blue, the dark grey storm sky.

I am a bibliophile, have been since birth! This thread is many hued as it covers my love of reading, of knowledge, of wisdom in the many symbolic languages, my delight in writing, oh how I could go on!

Lastly is a thread that grows ever in its richness and depth, and that is my love of the Ultimate Mystery, of the path I follow in that continuous journey in and to the Beloved.

Of course, the threads could be discerned in other languages such as your archetypes and how you express through them, the planets and signs in your birth chart, the cards in a reading, a medical examination of your body, even by looking at the photos you have chosen to display in your family albums. Each gives a lens through which to see yourself. The astrotarot readings I do is a delightful way to pick up those threads too.

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