A possibility of a greater appreciation and enlightenment around our earth.

These beautiful photographs were taken in the mountains the morning after the first rains of the season by my friend Judith, an intrepid hiker. She sent them to me so I could share in the magic of the water pouring off the mountains, a real treat for the earth after a dry summer of drought.

Uranus has just moved into Taurus for a seven year period and one of the possibilities for this period is that a new force in our very earth awakens. Something wild, disruptive and exciting requiring we change our relationship to nature and the environment.

Judith's photographs show earth welcoming water, shaping itself to receive this gift that falls from the skies. But notice how it is the light that falls into love with the water flowing through rock basins, stream tickling the tree roots, turning tree bark into an incandescent blue light show and illuminating a flower into an orange flame dancing with the raindrops.

The eye that took the photographs is part of this love fest. To me this relationship of water to earth, light to the wonders of the earth, and the human who is there in relationship so experiencing this glory, is the possibility, the hope, the light that Uranus in Taurus is offering. A new ecological perspective with a greater appreciation and enlightenment around our earth, a perspective that understands that all is alive and filled with light and love.

Many thanks to Judith Hapgood for her photographs and allowing me to share them with you!

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